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in the back of my mind
i entertain, from time to time
all the possibilities and outcomes
that i've let pass by
through the course of this life

"i could've done better than this"
a thought that frequently makes an appearance
but is that the case?
is this really that poor of a fate to have to face?

if i'd taken chances
and went another way
would i still be the person i am today?
stubborn and steadfast
obsessively alone
with crutches filling up my home

it's far too late
to dwell on past mistakes
but if i were to make a change
would i still reach the same destination as my current path?

[time will tell]
if decisions made become mistakes
[time will tell]
if what was lost can be regained
[time will tell]
if everything remains the same
[time will tell]
if it all really revolves around

i'm more confident now than i've ever been
in decisions i've made and courses that i've taken
because i've learned to be happy with a bitter end
and take everything for what it is and not for what it could have been

it's hard
to reflect
and not point out the flaws
to a damaging extent

in the end
it doesn't really matter how i get there
but isn't it
all about the journey and not the destination?

well if i had to pick
i'd rather spend forever content with where i ended up
and not stuck in lament
wishing for a retry every waking moment of death


from Stabilize, released October 28, 2014



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Courtesy Drop California

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