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Songs To Drive To; Cry, And Make Love To

by Courtesy Drop

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released October 15, 2013

recorded, mixed, and mastered by Mikey Allred at Dark Art Audio []



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Courtesy Drop California

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Track Name: History Will Remember Our Generation As A Shining Example Of How Not To Exist
all the girls
with the fabricated faces
self-destruct with the boys
who make regret so famous

nobody's happy
and we're hellbent on not changing a thing
no one is ready
to acknowledge the fact that we're hardly living

we already have all the answers
we're just too scared to care about left and right
this remarkable lack of decision
brings only excess sting to opening eyes
open your eyes to the blinding light
Track Name: Goodbye, Fairlane Drive
this house is not a home
it's just a place for me to sleep
a place for me to store my things
inside, you'll find no warmth
only heat
i doubt that i'll ever regret leaving

because it's safe to say
that the sentiment's begun to fade
and the only thing i've felt of late
is far from welcoming
and i guess i could just give it time
but i think that i might lose my mind
and finally Hollow out

they say distance makes the heart grow fonder
but what happens when you grow fond of the distance itself?
so much so that you'd rather just
stay gone
for as long as it takes
to fade the thoughts of home out of your brain
erode the emotion away

and it's safe to say
that the sentiment's begun to fade
and the only thing i've felt of late
is far from welcoming
and i guess i could just give it time
but i think that i might lose my mind
and finally Hollow out

maybe one day i'll come back and things will turn out to be better than i remember
Track Name: Dormant Dreams
going through the motions
same routine day after day
going through the motions
sometimes dreaming of getting away

but never taking steps
in any direction
staying stagnant without
any objection

my mind doesn't wander
past the walls of monotony
this is where i'm comfortable
this is where i'll be

and on the day that i die
they'll have nothing to put on my tombstone
and that's fine
because it's not like anyone really cares to know

that wasting away
is how i spent the better part of my days

i wish i could say that at least i'm happy
but that's such a stretch, and i don't want to lie
Track Name: Appleseeds From Ash Night
i was making up for lost time
got close enough to feel the sting
when it slipped away from me
i'm sorry that i got so dependent on you, the fire, and the bottle to numb the pain

since then
i've learned which wounds were self-inflicted
and my pain is nothing but a memory, i'm alright
time has been the best friend you ceased to be

i used to think that this was all your fault
but now i see things differently
because i found the cracks in all of my walls
where the leaks had sprung, and started drowning me
but i've bailed it out; caught my breath
recognized where things got out of control
i've reinforced my defenses
and i will never let this happen again

out of sight, out of mind
i'll get used to it
Track Name: A Toast To The Valiant Phil Coulson
i hope that someday
i can say something to inspire change
a speech that brings tears to your eyes
a reason to redefine your life

but when presented the opportunity
will only silence reach your ears?
when presented the opportunity
will i be frozen under the fear?
will you see?

that i spend my nights thinking of words to say
and you'd think that something might come out right
but what should be gold is nothing but a stone
dense and dull
void of any glow

and to be honest
it's not much of a surprise
but i'm certainly not ready
to lay down and wait to die

so i stick it out
try, fail, try again
work things out myself
and hope that by the end
i'll have something to show for all of the time that i've spent thinking
Track Name: Mineral Extracts
every now and then
it feels like
there's no warmth left
for winter to take
and i know it's all in my head
and i know it's better to forget

that even though you're alright
i get selfish in hindsight
even though you're alright
i get selfish

every now and then
i realize
that i should be happy
that you're happy without me

and even though you're alright
i get selfish in hindsight
even though you're alright
i get selfish in hindsight

so i'll stay silent
and hope for another
and even though i wish things could have turned out differently
i don't resent the mess that you made of me
because i'll be alright in time
Track Name: Not All Those Who Feel Pain Are Hurt
when i look into your eyes
i begin to see
that you're not like everybody else

all the tears you've cried
all the painful stings
resonate with every part of me

i will not change you
even if i should
and i wouldn't change you
even if i could
Track Name: Science Is A Liar Sometimes
it's easy to be
so flagrantly absorbed in disbelief
so sure of your truths
you'd bet your life on them, now wouldn't you
but what happens when
the cracks in your foundation widen again?
bless your heart
this could have been avoided from the start

i don't claim to be wiser
i just know my own experience
of life getting so much harder
when i misused my stubbornness

[quit running against the wind]

take a moment and reflect
put your own thoughts into context
see from every perspective
don't jump at the chance to dissect

words spoken with arrogance
reach nobody but the choir

in a comfort zone
filled with poison smoke
get out now or breath it all in and choke

take a moment and reflect
put your own thoughts into context
see from every perspective
don't jump at the chance to dissect
Track Name: Truck Jamz Vol.1
i've been falling asleep at the wheel
making turns and stops
ending up where i don't want to be

the devil's trying to make me a deal
manufactured happiness
in exchange for the bliss of a changing reality

but i manage to keep saying no
i'd rather learn from my mistakes
and get stronger along the way

so when the time finally comes
i can take the hand of the one i love
without the fear of my own not being warm enough

day after day
try after try
you'd think that it'd get easier for me to ease my mind
but i get too scared
that my actions won't speak enough
and end up fixing unmade mistakes and saying way too much

i've learned to accept
that i'm way out of step
with how the simple things should go
but while i try
to adjust my stride
i can only hope
that my sincerity still shows

when i say that i care
when i say that i'll always be there
i'm not hiding intentions in-between the lines
i've got a heart that's been broken
by countless missteps and dead ends
i'm just trying to keep it stitched together with all the help i can get
Track Name: Stranger Than Friction
stay close to me tonight
and even though this love is composed of just one side
it'll get me through alright

i know it's not the glow of love that i'm feeling
in fact, your body's freezing me from the inside out
but thankfully the cold is just what i'm needing
anything at all to make it seem like i'm not alone

(but i am)

stay close to me tonight
and i'll find a few ways to justify it in my mind
maybe it's sympathy
but i accept willingly
and hope that down the road i'll have something real

and this is just a thought
but maybe i'm Better Off
by myself
instead of all along
always latching on
to anyone with some affection to spare

i'm so broken on the inside
that i'm more of a set, than a whole
it gets so easy in the meantime
to ignore the damage and the toll
Track Name: Fork In The Road
how we both have grown
purely miserable without
the slightest wish to save
this tired dance
empty romance

the love we fell into
has seen its own way out
and it's okay
because we both followed

i'll think of you some nights
wish you were close
but i'm sure that in time
i'll let those feelings go
if you get overwhelmed
know that you're not alone
i'm still reeling from our fork in the road

and though i wish things worked out
like our favorite movie scenes
i understand the reality
it just wasn't meant to be
Track Name: Superbook
maybe i'm losing my faith
maybe i never had it
are we serving a savior
or just our greatest asset?

our prayers go up with the pollution
and share the same effect
blocking out the Son's solutions
letting us decide his intent

(heaven's overrun)

no wonder the children starve
and get no rest
their voices are too weak to break
through the clouds, so dense with our selfishness

if there is a god above us
it's safe to say that he is not proud
and if angels really walk among us
why are they still just faces in the crowd?
maybe i'm losing my faith
and maybe i never had it
are we loving a Father
or just a profitable investment?

will heaven be overrun
by thieves chipping away at the streets?