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i never thought that i'd be here again
wounds barely healed and scars still forming
it's undeniable
that i lost my way when the door cracked open

i can't help but see the similarities
prompting an ocean of doubt to rise up inside of me
and i am petrified, but something is pushing me ahead

into the current
soothing and fluid enough for me to stay composed
the rising levels
rhythmic and stable, soft and comforting enough
and as i go under i realize that all i want now, is to sink

somehow i knew that we'd be, in the end
the things that are said when open hearts connect
it's indescribable
and invaluable to the furthest extent

i can't keep this crashing wave from furthering
the momentum's too great
it's almost overtaking you and me
i know it's worrisome, but something worthwhile lies up ahead

far in the distance
a unique existence, only the lucky get to perceive
we're well on our way
and safely i'll say that that is exactly where i want to be
it'll be fine, if we take our time
and slowly drift into the sea

the walls that i desperately tried to reinforce
are starting to crack and crumble
much like they did the time before
i'm truly terrified
because i've never felt this vulnerable

i'm starting to panic
but quickly i realize that there is simply no need
because it's evident now that it's you all around me
it's you that helps me breathe
i'm content with this end
i'm surrendering

i concede
i give in
white flag


from Stabilize, released October 28, 2014



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